Fast Track Services

Based on your relevant industry, we share your profile with all the multinational employers and headhunters in the Middle East.
We assign a dedicated accounts manager to work only on your profile for the next 180 days in order to get you the best results.
A dedicated weekly report will be shared every Friday with all our premium members, indicating the list of employers who are interested in their respective profiles.
Special care is taken to Al the rapid Resume user where we make sure we apply to the 100 percent opportunities which are available in the market
We act as a bridge between job seekers and employers very closely for the next 6 months
Note: GetjobzzGulf shall not guarantee any job opportunity or interview calls with our rapid Resume services our services are just meant for advertising the candidates profile amount once paid will not be refunded back as we do not have any cancellation policy.


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Introducing Fast Track Service: The Fast Track to Middle East Job Opportunities

Are you searching for a career breakthrough in the multinational job market of the Middle East? Look no further! With our cutting-edge Rapid Resume Service, we connect job seekers like you with top-tier employers and headhunters in your relevant industry.

Here’s how it works: as soon as you sign up, we assign you a dedicated accounts manager who will exclusively focus on your profile for the next 180 days. They will work tirelessly to ensure you achieve the best possible results in your job search.

To keep you updated and informed, we provide a weekly report every Friday exclusively to our premium members. This comprehensive report lists all the employers who have shown interest in your profile. This valuable information enables you to stay ahead of the game and strategically target your job applications.

We take special care of our Rapid Resume users, guaranteeing that we apply to 100 percent of the relevant job opportunities available in the market. We act as a reliable bridge between job seekers and employers, working closely with both parties for the next six months to maximize your chances of landing your dream job.

Please note that while our Rapid Resume services are designed to showcase your profile to potential employers, we cannot guarantee job opportunities or interview calls. Once payment is made, it cannot be refunded, as we do not have a cancellation policy.

Don’t wait any longer to kick-start your career in the Middle East! Choose Rapid Resume Service today and unlock a world of opportunities.

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